Sneakerhead Profile

Sneakerhead Profile: Chuck

In the debut edition of Sneakerhead Profile, I talked to a good friend of mines, Chuck.  We discussed his passion for sneakers and his thoughts on the current culture of the sneaker community.   


Sneakerhead: Chuck


Me: Why do you like sneakers, and sneaker culture?   

Chuck: The sneaker game defines who I am as a person.  Like people who love to collect rare dunks, it shows that they have a very unique taste.  While people who collect Jordans have a classical taste.  I am more of a Jordan guy, but I do have a few pair of dunks!   

Me: How did you get into the sneaker game?  

Chuck: During my senior year of high school I bought my first pair of Jordans.  After buying these Jordans I was hooked, and that got me into the game.  I’ve always liked how shoes made your gear look so much more fresh!  Ever since I saw MJ play, I wanted Jordans, so I bought a pair of the black/metallic Air Jordan 5’s.  As I have progressed through college so has my sneaker collection. 

Me: What goes into the decision-making process when purchasing a sneaker?   

Chuck: There are a few things that go into the decision-making process:   

  • Style
  • Color
  • Design

Me: Which sneakers do you collect?  

Chuck: I collect several Nike styles such as, Jordans, Retro Basketball, and Air Max’s.  

Me: What sneakers are your favorites?   

Chuck: Jordans are my favorites.   

Me: What is your favorite sneaker in your collection?   

Chuck: My favorite sneakers in my collection are my black and red Air Jordan 11’s!   

Air Jordan 11


Me: How many sneakers do you have in your collection?  

Chuck: I would say that I have around 23 pairs.  

Me: What, if anything, do you dislike about the sneaker industry?   

Chuck: I dislike the rising prices.  Shoes are become more and more expensive, making it harder to collect.  That being said, I think it is a positive hobby to get involved with, as it defines me as a person.

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