2011 MLB Mid-Season Awards

With the 2011 MLB season nearing its halfway mark, it is time to take a look at the mid-season award winners.

American League

Manager of the Year:

1. Joe Maddon(Rays 45-36)

2. Terry Francona(Red Sox 45-34)
3. Jim Leyland(Tigers 43-38)

Cy Young Award:

1. Justin Verlander(10-3, 2.38era, 124k, 4cg, 2sho, no-hitter)

2. Jered Weaver(9-4, 1.97era, 106k, 3cg, 2sho)
3. Josh Beckett(6-3, 2.20era, 80k, 1cg, 1sho)


1. Adrian Gonzalez(.356, 16hr, 71rbi)

2. Jose Bautista(.329, 24hr, 52rbi)
3. Miguel Cabrera(.336, 17hr, 56rbi)

National League

Manager of the Year:

1. Kirk Gibson(Diamondbacks 44-38)

2. Ron Roenicke(Brewers 44-37)
3. Charlie Manuel(Phillies 51-30)

Cy Young Award:

1. Roy Halladay(10-3, 2.40era, 123k, 5cg)

2. Cliff Lee(9-5, 2.66era, 119k, 4cg, 4sho)
3. Cole Hamels(9-4, 2.47era, 108k, 1cg)


1. Jose Reyes(.349, 3hr, 32rbi, 15tri 30sb)

2. Matt Kemp(.331, 22hr, 63rbi, 22sb)
3. Prince Fielder(.305, 21hr, 69rbi)

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