Air Jordan 2012- KAT First Look

With all the hype over the 2012 Air Jordan retro releases, we have forgotten that the time is approaching for JB to launch its next signature sneaker.  Today Kicksandthings(KAT) takes its first look at the Air Jordan 2012.

As we can see from the images, the upper of the Air Jordan 2012 will consist of a total Flywire base.  This will reduce the weight of the shoe, while the leather overlays will help the durability of the upper.  The sole of the shoe will feature an interchangeable cushioning system.  This system will allow the individual to remove the sock liner and replace it with a Low and Light Fit sock liner as well as a total Zoom Air Quick Ride liner. 

Although this may not be the most aesthetically pleasing design, we must remember that unlike years past JB is looking to push the boundaries of basketball shoe technology.  This shoe is intended more for court use than casual wear.  With that said, check out the images courtesy of ye-wa and let us know what you think.


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