NBA Results: 3/12/12

Bucks 105 Nets 99

MIL: Jennings- 34pts, 7reb, 7ast
NJ: Humphries- 31pts, 18reb, ast

Bobcats 73 Hornets 71

CHA: Henderson- 15pts, 6reb, 3ast
NO: Jack- 15pts, 4reb, 9ast

Bulls 104 Knicks 99

CHI: Rose- 32pts, 6reb, 7ast
NY: Anthony- 21pts, 8reb, 3ast

Spurs 112 Wizards 97

SA: Parker- 31pts, 3reb, 7ast
WAS: McGee- 21pts, 15reb, ast

Jazz 105 Pistons 90

UTA: Jefferson- 33pts, 12reb, ast
DET: Stuckey- 29pts, 4reb, 7ast

Timberwolves 127 Suns 124

MIN: Love- 30pts, 7reb, ast
PHX: Dudley- 28pts, 9reb, ast

Celtics 94 Clippers 85

BOS: Pierce- 25pts, 3reb, 7ast
LAC: Griffin- 24pts, 9reb, 4ast


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