2011-2012 NBA Awards: All-NBA First Team


With the 2011-2012 NBA season heading into its final games of the regular season, it is time for the annual Kicksandthings NBA Awards. This is where we give our opinions as to who will win the NBA awards for this season.

All-NBA First Team

Guard- Rajon Rondo
12.1pts, 4.9reb, 11.6ast, 1.8stl


Guard- Kobe Bryant
28.1pts, 5.4reb, 4.6ast, 1.2stk


Forward- LeBron James
27.1pts, 7.9reb, 6.3ast, 1.9stl


Forward- Kevin Durant
27.8pts, 7.9reb, 3.5ast, 1.2blk, 1.4stl


Center- Andrew Bynum
18.7pts, 12.1reb, 1.4ast, 1.9blk


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