Preview: Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns (Week 5)


Thursday Night Football is back again in Week 5 as we have the impressive rookie quarterback EJ Manuel and his Buffalo Bills and the newly found hero (at least for now), Brian Hoyer and his hometown Cleveland Browns. Leading the Browns to two straight victories over Cincy and Minny, it is only fair to say that he is most suitable for the job under center. (In a horrid rebuilding century for Cleveland, hopefully Hoyer can be somewhat of a relief). As for tonight though, EJ Manuel is playing like he wants the Rookie of the Year award with nearly 900 yards in 4 games off 74 completions and Hoyer coming right up behind him with nearly 600-yards off 55 completions (in just two games). Needless to say that the Browns are on somewhat of a tear despite losing the second-year Trent Richardson to Indy.

Both teams standing at (2-2) and being an AFC East watcher myself, I’d have to fear Buffalo’s defense against this Cleveland offense, especially if McGahee can’t get the ball moving past the goal line on a 20-carry night. With the numbers showing that Cleveland has one of the best defenses in the league as far as yards allowed, points, and first downs allowed – this connection between Manuel and Stevie Johnson should be put to a halt. If they can mix it up on offense and not have to solely rely on Hoyer’s arm but instead his AFC East knowledge behind veteran Tom Brady in New England, we’ll be looking at the first (3-2) Cleveland team since 2001.

I’m going with Cleveland over Buffalo 27-17

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