Why the World Needs Red Sox vs Dodgers in the World Series


      In the 2012 Season, after the Red Sox traded Carl Crawford, and Josh Beckett, and Adrian Gonzales to the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for cap space, the future of the Red Sox organization would be televised. With the cap space available to trade Chicken and Beer for Ryan Dempster (injured), Jonny Gomes, Mike Napoli, and “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Shane Victorino – the Red Sox would not be catapulted to the top of the MLB by the 2013 regular season’s end. What seemed to be a problem on the Red Sox roster has actually turned out quite nicely for the Dodgers as Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzales were able to be more consistent for LA during this year’s regular season. With Josh Beckett also nowhere to be found, the Two-Time World Series Champion must not be forgotten. 

     With the absence of chicken, beer, and video games in the Red Sox clubhouse this year – there has been a major change as far as chemistry and a winning aurora in the dugout. With Fear The Beard being this year’s motto compared to the “Idiots” of past years, the Sox have been able to win the AL East for the first time since 2007 (which lead to a second World Series title in four seasons). One surprise this season has been the emergence of John Lackey to his old Anaheim ways of dominance. Losing more than 20-pounds and returning as his winning form, the Sox have been able to see excellence in the starting rotation with Lester, Buchholtz, Lackey, and Peavy. Jon Lester can hardly pitch better as can Buccholtz who’s injury-plagued season may have prevented him from a potential Cy Young run. All of this is quite a surprise and most definitely something that should be taken less than a “spit in the face” to Terry Francona and his “shit-talking” ways of his clubhouse. Sure they’re without chicken and beer – but they’re ALSO without a postseason berth. 

     With this season ringing in with a familiar, yet new skipper in John Farrell – the campaign that was presented before the season guaranteeing that the fans would be getting their money’s worth has been nothing short of exceptional with the best record in the Majors and one of the most consistent teams in baseball.

And now onto the point of this write-up..

     For the financial powerhouse that is Major League Baseball: This would be the smartest World Series matchup to have, let’s look at the potential match-ups.

Dodgers vs Tigers: Next.

Dodgers vs Athletics: Would make for a good weekend series during inter-league play. 

Cardinals vs Tigers: Seems too familiar. 

Cardinals vs Athletics: Probably the second best match up but would it really bring in the ratings and the money that MLB would be aiming for? Plus there isn’t much back story to this match up.  

Red Sox vs Cardinals: Smells like 2004. 

Red Sox vs Dodgers : East Coast vs West Coast. Past vs Present. Two historic franchises with great histories. You see the players of Red Sox past coming back to Fenway, the players that represented the Sox during a horrific closeout to a year, one would almost think that Pete Rose would be betting against the Sox. And demographically, on the map, Los Angeles vs Boston in a World Series almost seems too good to be true for the wallets of the MLB. With the Curse of Ludacris’ album [Chicken and Beer] on the line – redemption won’t ever seem quite as sweet as it will by the end of October. Stay tuned.



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