2016 MLB Predictions

The 2016 MLB season kicks off this Sunday with a 2015 World Series rematch on Opening Night.  With the new season looming it is only right that we provide our predictions for the upcoming season.

AL East

1. Blue Jays

2. Yankees

3. Orioles

4. Red Sox

5. Rays

AL Central

1. Royals

2. Tigers

3. Twins

4. Indians

5. White Sox

AL West

1. Astros

2. Rangers

3. Angels

4. Mariners

5. Athletics

NL East

1. Mets

2. Nationals

3. Marlins

4. Braves

5. Phillies

NL Central

1. Cubs

2. Pirates

3. Cardinals

4. Reds

5. Brewers

NL West

1. Giants

2. Dodgers

3. Diamondbacks

4. Rockies

5. Padres

Wild Card

AL: Yankees, Tigers

NL: Pirates, Nationals


AL: Royals vs Blue Jays

NL: Pirates vs Cubs

World Series

Royals vs Pirates

World Series Champions

Kansas City Royals


Manager of Year

AL: Ned Yost

NL: Joe Maddon

Cy Young

AL: Dallas Keuchel

NL: Clayton Kershaw


AL: Eric Hosmer 

NL: Andrew McCutchen 

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