2010-2011 NBA Awards: All-NBA Second Team

The All-NBA Second Team was tough because I could make a case for each player to be on the first team. I took on this challenge and came up with these players for the second team:

G- Chris Paul

16.3pts, 9.8ast, 4reb, 2.4stl

It was a tough choice to make between Paul and Westbrook for the second team. CP3 he has less to work with than other top point guards, yet he still gets his numbers. He is up there with the league leaders in steals. Also, a healthy Paul has made New Orleans a playoff team again. Without Paul the Hornets are a lottery team at best. Paul’s all around game gives him the nod over Westbrook.

G- Dwyane Wade

25.7pts, 6.6reb, 4.4ast, 1.5stl, 1.1blk

They said Wade and LeBron’s numbers were going to decline with them playing together. Wade has put all that talk to rest. He is in the top 10 in scoring, averaging close to 26 points a game. Wade has also become the go to player down the stretch for Miami. Most importantly, Wade has remained healthy the entire season.

F- Dirk Nowitzki

23.2pts, 6.9reb, 2.5ast

If I had compiled this list before the All-Star break Dirk would have been on the first team. Since then Nowitzki has slowed down a bit, a lot of it having to do with injuries. Leaving Dirk off the first team may have been the hardest decision to make. Dirk is playing the best defense of his career, and has Dallas looking like a legitimate title contendor. Dallas is in third place out west, ahead of the Thunder.

F- Amare Stoudemire

25.6pts, 8.4reb, 2.5ast, 1.9blk

Amare Stoudemire has made the Knicks relevant again. Amare who was once considered an MVP candidate, has slowed down a bit with the addition of Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks have also suffered since the trade. That being said, Stoudemire is still putting up All-NBA numbers. He is averaging close to 26 points a game with 8 rebounds. Stoudemire must commit to defense in order to bring his game to the next level.

C- Pau Gasol

18.9pts, 10.3reb, 3.4ast, 1.7blk

Although listed as a PF, Gasol will make the second team as a C. Gasol has played many games at C this year. Gasol has been flying under the radar all season, all the while still putting up good numbers. Gasol has toughened up down low and is averaging over 10 rebounds a game. With Bynum always injured, Gasol has to work even harder to man the middle. Oh, and his Lakers team isn’t bad either. They only boast the west’s second best record and are 14-1 since the All-Star break.

Just missed the cut: Russell Westbrook. Almost made my second team, but I gave the slight edge to Chris Paul.

Stay tuned for the first team tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “2010-2011 NBA Awards: All-NBA Second Team

  1. Hahhahahahahaha! Pau doesn’t belong on any of the top NBA lists. Amare is considered a Center in New York, hence your selections are skewed. Finally, Dirk is having an underrated NBA season! He should be on the first all NBA team along with Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Amare!

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