2011 NFL Playoffs: AFC Divisional Round Predictions

Went 0-2 last weekend with my AFC predictions, hopefully I’ll fare a little better this week.

(4) Denver Broncos vs. (1) New England Patriots

Tebow mania pays a visit to Foxboro this Saturday as the surprising Denver Broncos upset the defending AFC Champs to advance to face the New England Patriots.

Last Sunday Tebow passed from the pocket and had a career day. I don’t expect Tebow to pass for 300 yards against the Patriots. I expect the Pats to give up the run as they did in their first meeting and stop the Denver passing attack. Denver will also have to win in a shootout. Tom Brady and this offense will put a lot of points on the board and it will be up to the Denver offense to keep up. I don’t think Denver can keep up with the Patriots offense and the Pats will win 34-17.

(3) Houston Texans vs. (2) Baltimore Ravens

Houston put forth a huge defensive effort last week and overwhelmed the rookie led Bengals.

This weekend the Texans are opposed by a defensive juggernaut in the Ravens. Both teams feature top defenses. Both teams also have star running backs; Ray Rice for the Ravens and Arian Foster for Houston. As I stated last week, the team that gets to best quarterback play in the playoffs will go the furthest. Even though Flacco still has a lot to prove, I like him more than I do T.J. Yates against this Raven defense. I like Baltimore in this game 20-13.

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