2012 NBA Playoffs: Western Conference First Round Predictions

The 2012 NBA Playoffs are here! After an exciting lockout shortened season, we have an intriguing set of first round series. Let’s take a look at our Western Conference first round predictions.

Western Conference

(1)San Antonio Spurs vs (8)Utah Jazz


San Antonio had the top seed last year and was upset in the first round. There won’t be a let down this year as a refreshed Spurs team will handle the Jazz, 4-1.

(2)Oklahoma City Thunder vs (7)Dallas Mavericks


OKC ended up with the short end of the stick here. They have to take on the defending champions Dallas Mavericks. I expect Dallas to be extremely motivated and give OKC all they can handle. The Thunder are the better team and should sneak by with a 4-3 series win.

(3)Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets


You would have to think that the Lakers got the matchup they wanted. Denver plays no defense so Kobe and company should be able to get whatever they want. The loss of Metta World Peace shouldn’t effect them much. Expect the Lakers to take the series 4-1.

(4)Memphis Grizzlies vs (5)Los Angeles Clippers


This is by far the most intriguing first round series, and will be the closest. I like Memphis’ playoff experience, they knocked of San Antonio last year and took OKC to seven games. I expect this series to go seven games, in favor of the Grizzlies 4-3.

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